Dark Neck of the Woods

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The Dark Neck of the Woods
KOL wiki page
Monster# 3
Combat % 85
Safe Moxie 62

The Dark Neck of the Woods is part of level 6 Friar's Quest.



There are 3 Non-Combats in this zone. The first gives 250 meat, the second gives the imp unity ring, the third is the dodecagram. They are one-time adventures that occur sequentially with a ceiling of 6, 11, and 16 turns, respectively.

Combat Modifiers

Run -combat here for the quest. If you find dodecagram before getting the ruby W, modifiers are no longer necessary.


All enemies are hot aligned, which means that they are weak to stench and sleaze damage.

Every enemy has a drop that you want: Hellions for Hellion Cubes, W Imp for the ruby W and possibly the wussiness potion, and the P Imp for the hot wing. Depending on your diet plan, you may wish to olfact the Hellion. If you do so and do not get the ruby W, do not turn in the quest. Wait until after On the Trail fades and return in order to get the ruby W. If you turn in the final quest and unlock Pandemonium, it will take significantly longer to get the ruby W from the Slums.

Tower Item

W Imp drops ruby W and wussiness potion at 30% each.


http://kol.coldfront.net/thekolwiki/index.php/Fancypants_Scarecrow > http://kol.coldfront.net/thekolwiki/index.php/Slimeling > http://kol.coldfront.net/thekolwiki/index.php/Baby_Gravy_Fairy


There is a semi-rare here for SPF 451 lip balm.