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DISCLAIMER This plan works for me and I have every IotM, skill, etc. that anyone would ever want. If the script breaks on your character, I don't know why it is breaking. Proxy can be finicky, but when it works, it works really well.

This guide is for people who want to automate softcore heavy rains runs in two days while spending very little time on the computer.


Download Proxy

The latest version can be found here

Add Altered Files

Which Files?

Download files from dropbox Replace the files in proxy with these in the scripts folder (the file and folder names are kept the same so you can find them easily)

What is in these files?

Adds some useful buffs like wry smile Use the fist turkey Does a better job with familiar choice Banishes a bunch of monsters using Thunder Clap and Pantsgiving PADL check problem fixed Does not waste time getting the hippy gear Equips the pool skimmer Kills most rain bosses (you can easily set the macro file to abort for bosses you lose to if you have trouble)

Create a Combat Macro

Go to "Options/Combat/Manage Combat Macros" in KOL Create a new macro called "heavy rains" copying the File:Heavy rains combat macro.txt for this file. Note that the macro uses belch the rainbow in a few spots. If you do not have the skill, just switch to sauce storm.

Create Many Chat Macros

This just makes life a lot easier by not having to cut and paste from another page. You do have to keep track on which macro to use and make sure that when you fail to pull an item, you buy it in the mall and try again.

/hr1 = /pull 3 trip scrip && /pull 3 spooky hi && /pull jar of sq && /pull can of Rain && /pull Pantsgiving && /pull over- && /pull Boris's Helm && /pull buddy bjorn && /pull accessory jr

/hr2 = /use can && /use tent && /use pork && /use boris && /cast things && /cast 3 smiths && /cast underwear && /cast 2 thunderheart && /cast blubber && /fam reanimated

/hr3 = /buy empty && /buy cog && /buy spring && /buy tires && /buy rims && /buy sprocket && /make meat stack && /paste meatcar && /buy life && /buy dingy && /buy radio

/hr4 = /buy dinghy && /buy skimmer && /equip hat Boris && /equip back bjorn && /equip weapon thor && /equip pants thunder && /equip fam life && /goto campground.php?action=rest && /use radio

/hr5 = /buy toy && /goto campground.php?action=rest && /use flaskfull && /use dinghy && /use Rain-doh && /buy third && /goto campground.php?action=rest && /cast * resolutions && /cast madrigal

/hr6 = /equip accessory1 jr && /bjornify Megadrone && /equip off-hand skimmer && /equip accessory2 port && /equip accessory3 folder && /cast can && /use * resolution: be smarter && /cast rain man

/hr7 = /fam groose && /smith light && /pull duonoculars && /pull swash && /pull parrot && /pull eyepatch && /pull Spooky-Gro && /use monster

/hr8 = /equip accessory2 astral && /cast sonata && /cast smooth && /fam groose && /goto adventure.php? snarfblat=15

/hr9 = /use grease && /fam goth kid && /goto adventure.php? snarfblat=15

/hr10 = /fam hound && /equip accessory3 portable && /equip off-hand light && /cast leash && /cast ocelot && /use clover && /cast rain man

/hr11 = /use sonar && /use sonar && /equip off-hand skimmer && /use resolution: be wealthier && /cast 2 polka && /fam hobo monkey && /goto adventure.php? snarfblat=33

/hr12 = /use sonar && /goto adventure.php? snarfblat=34

/hr13 = /buy antique accordion && /buy 3 plain && /mix 3 pitcher && /cast ode && /cast 10 soul food && /drink 3 pitcher

/hr14 = /shrug phat && /cast advanced sauce && /cast cold && /cook milk of mag && /cast ode && /drink 5 agitated

/hr15 = /use clover && /fam grill && /use milk of mag && /eat 3 spooky hi mein && /buy tend && /equip accessory2 detect && /goto adventure.php? snarfblat=270

/hr16 = /equip pants pantsgiving && /cast ode && /drink 5 Ambitious && /equip hat Boris && /equip accessory3 folder && /use catfish && /cast rain man

/hr17 = /use astral energy && /cast * resolutions && /cast 5 soul food

/hr18 = /equip pants vicar && /equip accessory2 Bram's && /cast pasta && /cast cock && /cast spaghetti && /cast geek && /cast 5 thunderheart && /cast * soul food && /cast * resolutions

/hr19 = /pull bowling ball && /pull bowling ball && /cast ode && /drink jar of sq

/hr21 = /cast 10 soul food && /cast 3 smiths && /pull mojo && /pull wet stew && /pull star crossbow && /pull star hat && /pull antique machete && /fam reanimated && /cast rain man

/hr22 = /pull jarlsberg's key lime pie && /pull 2 spooky hi && /pull keepsake && /pull blackberry galosh && /pull trip scrip && /fam fist turkey && /cast 3 thunderheart && /cast rain man

/hr23 = /pull Killing jar && /bjornify reanimator && /pull drum machine && /buy black paint && /buy 3 snow boards && /use smut && /fam goth kid

/hr24 = /use desert && /use drum machine && /bjornify Megadrone && /fam hound && /equip off-hand light && /use catfish && /use clover && /cast rain man

/hr25 = /paste blessed && /buy loose && /smith purse && /buy 9 plain && /cast ode && /cast 20 soul food && /buy 2 maiden && /smith 2 Hairpiece

/hr26 = /use blessed && /closet * PADL && /smash 3 hairpiece && /mix 6 pitcher && /cast cold one && /drink 5 pitcher

/hr27 = /use milk of mag && /eat breakfast && /eat 2 spooky hi && /eat jarls && /buy goblin pet && /buy goblin eye && /equip accessory3 ring of Detect && /goto adventure.php? snarfblat=325

/hr28 = /equip accessory1 accessory jr && /fam hound && /equip accessory3 portable && /equip off-hand light && /cast leash && /cast ocelot && /goto adventure.php? snarfblat=127

/hr29 = /use filthworm && /use kinder && /use happier && /use goblin water && /use goblin pet && /use goblin eye && /goto adventure.php? snarfblat=128

/hr30 = /use filthworm && /goto adventure.php? snarfblat=129

/hr31 = /use filthworm && /cast polka && /familiar hobo monkey && /equip off-hand purse && /goto adventure.php? snarfblat=130

/hr32 = /smash vicar && /smash purse && /smash light && /cast ode && /cast 10 soul food && /mix 3 pitcher && /drink 4 pitcher && /drink cold one

/hr33 = /equip accessory1 accessory jr && /equip accessory3 nickel && /fam hound && /equip off-hand light && /equip hat Boris && /use catfish && /equip pants pantsgiving && /cast rain man

Before Ascending

  • Get the correct folders in your over-the-shoulder Folder Holder: wizard, Jackass Plumber, and skull and crossbones.
  • Farm some scrip from the shore.

Astral Options

Astral Energy Drinks -> astral mask Normal -> Sauceror -> Heavy Rains -> Wallaby

Setup Ascension Automation

This is on the main page. Pick the following options:


Day 1

Pick Skills Manually

Rain Man, Lightning Strike, and Ball Lightning are essential.

Thunder Clap, Thunderheart, Rain Delay, Thunder Down Underwear, and Riding the Lightning are good quality of life skills.

You probably should not get Rain Dance because proxy will use it unnecessarily.

Note that Thunderstrike and Thunderbird are necessary for tower killing.

Let's Play!

Just type these macros into chat. Watch the text for errors like items not getting pulled.



sell gems



tune radio, lock familiar equipment, rest



Fight writing desk, execute macro “heavy rains”


Use thunderstrike on second desk


Spend turns in the Spooky Forest until you get one groose grease. Use the “heavy rains macro”


Keep going to the forest until you find the larva.


Fight dairy goat, execute macro “heavy rains”

/use monster and fight another using the macro

/use monster and this time (VERY IMPORTANT), just cast saucegeyser twice

Visit Council.

Visit guano junction, ignore the warning.


Execute macro “heavy rains”. If your sonar got stolen, just pull it.


Fight beefy bats until the piranadon fight it over. Use the DNA to hybridize yourself. Then defeat the boss bat. Execute macro “heavy rains” for all fights.



Script aborts at a piranadon or writing desk or the goblin king, just execute macro “heavy rains” and continue automating.


Make sure you have a glass of goat's milk in your inventory. If not, you have a free pull for it.


Drink 1 hot socks from the still.



Ignore warning to get ore.

Go through the daily dungeon to get your token. After each of the next two combats, eat something.


Script aborts "trapper quest → pulling ore for trapper"


Fight mountain man, execute macro “heavy rains”

Use Rain Man skill to fight Bram the Stoker, execute macro “heavy rains”

Script aborts "End of day."

Not quite.



Script aborts "End of day."

Use Rain Man skill to fight astronomer, execute macro “heavy rains”

Smash some items for wads. Use them. Make sure you are maxed out on consumables.



Ignore the warning and get drunk.

Do not worry if you did not have any pulls left for bowling balls. The 2 extra pulls were for sonar, ore, milk, or anything else just in case.


If you pvp, you should smash your stone If you want coinspiracy, go reply to the radio request (you should have time to do the quest after you ascend, then get another)

Day 2

Get thunderstrike


Fight lobsterfrogman, execute macro “heavy rains”


Fight Baa'baa'bu'ran, execute macro “heavy rains”

/use monster and execute macro “heavy rains”


Script aborts with the message "While trying to do: ultrahydrated".

Lock familiar equipment


GO back and forth between the oasis for ultrahydrated and the desert until you all 15 worm-riding manual pages.

Visit gnasir and give him the black paint and the killing jar


Fight Orcish Frat Boy Spy, execute macro “heavy rains”

Pull large box and as many bowling balls as needed




Script aborts at Soggyraven, execute macro “heavy rains”


Script may abort at Beat gourami execute macro “heavy rains”


Script aborts at bridge

Use the rain man skill to copy in a bat-winged gremlin (the 2nd one) , execute macro “heavy rains”. The screen will stop when it is green, click the magnet and flyers link.

Visit Yossarian

Repeat with the erudite gremlin

Lock your familiar equipment


Manually do the daily dungeon, alternating turns with eating your best food while milk is still active.


execute macro “heavy rains”


Keep killing filthworms until you get a gland


Keep killing filthworms until you get a gland


execute macro “heavy rains”


Script often runs into problems in the upper chamber…just use saucegeyser

Warning: You might want to remove your +Monster Level modifiers since you're already level 13+. I am sure! Do it anyway and disable this warning until I log out.

/hr32 (if low on adventures)

Script aborts at Big Wisnaqua, execute macro “heavy rains”

Get thunderbird

Visit Council


Fight skinflute, execute macro “heavy rains”

/use monster until you have enough stars and lines for the star key

Click on the "mp" part of "ca/mp" in the top window to take you to your telescope/tower info. You should have 5 pulls, rain man, a clover, and 1 lightning ball to sort out how to get through the tower. The combat macro will take down 5 tower monsters, so not need to worry about those items. You have a two options here:

1. Let proxy automate everything. It will shore for the last tower item and not use dumb mud. It will farm some tower items and waste turns assumes.

2. Do the tower by hand. Proxy will make things go a little faster, but you will need to get your own dungeon tokens, do the skeleton key by hand, and do a lot more clicking. You can defeat 5 tower monsters using the combat macro.

Proxy will abort at the Rain King.

/equip off-hand green and us the combat macro. Done!

What do I Need to Pull This Off?

The really important things are:

  • at least 2 rain skills to start with
  • Saucemaven, Saucegeyser, Saucestorm, Curse of Weak Sauce, Cocoon, Ode, Smooth Movements, Sonota, Sympathy, and are all pretty much required, along with probably most of the top 20 or so skills
  • As far as IotM quality items: Rain-Doh, Smith's Tome, Reanimator, Folder Holder, and Thor's Pliers are probably essential.
  • that said, there are a lot of pulls that can easily be skipped, like the Mr. A Jr, without causing you run to be an extra day.
  • several players have had 100% success with this plan. There is a lot of room for error. Some runs end with 60 turns to spare.
  • If necessary, pulling spice melange may be worthwhile. Also remember that you probably have an extra stone wool worth 3 turns in your inventory.