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Changing Your Interface


KoLmafia by Holatuwol & Veracity

KoLmafia forums

Latest Builds for KoLmafia

KoLmafia Wiki

Official KoLmafia User Manual

Official KoLmafia Q&A thread

Unofficial Illustrated KoLmafia Guide by SinginSally

Unofficial KoLmafia Noob Guide by Aprocalypse

KoLmafia Script Registry page by zargon

KoLmafia ascension script by bumcheekcity

KoLmafia ascension script by Rinn


KoLproxy by Eleron

Ascension Automation Guide for KoLproxy


Greasemonkey for Mozilla Firefox

List of Greasemonkey Scripts

Greasemonkey Introductory Guide by Aprocalypse


Pykol Python package for writing scripts & bots by Turias

Spoiler Sites

KoL Wiki

Coldfront - less spoilers and more hints for brand new players

Subjunctive KoL by Ragnok (updated April 2008)

KoL Spoilers by KSlayer (updated July 2007)

Ascension Guides

A Beginner's Guide to KoL on the KoL wiki

Tiny, Tiny Things that Speed Up Your Runs forums thread

Diamond Radio Show transcripts by DarthDud, NotJim, & stupac2

Men of Negligible Knowledge Educate You! Radio Show archives by Caprosmaster & Lord Bitchalot


Softcore Guide by stupac2 (last updated May 2011)

Softcore Roadmap by Jef (last updated 2009)

Very detailed 2 day SC log by KujjieKujjieKoo (May 2009)

Softcore Q&A forums thread

Hagnk's Storage Spreadsheet by KujjieKujjieKoo


Hardcore Strategy Guide on the KoL wiki

Hardcore Checklist on the KoL wiki

Easy 4 Dayer Hardcore Guide by RoyalTonberry (2010)

Bleeding-Edge 4 Dayer Hardcore Guide by salticid (Apr. 2010)

Day 1 Liver Guide by salticid (updated Apr. 2009)

A Guide to Drinking Booze in Hardcore by LordMackerel

Hardcore Guide by Chrono Mage (updated Sept 2007)

Other Paths

Bad Moon Guide by salticid (updated Jan. 2011)

100% Black Cat Guide by Bale (updated Sept. 2008)

Hardcore Boozetarian Strategy Guide by Shao Mi (updated July 2007)

Hardcore Oxygenarian Strategy Guide on the KoL wiki

Skills, Familiars, & IotMs

Skill and Mr. Store Item Acquisition Guide by Alexfrog (updated Jan. 2011)

Guide to Skills by salticid (updated June 2011)

Sortable chart of KoL skills by the Rye

Skill Checker (updated Jan. 2009)

Familiar Guide by the Hogs of Destiny (95% complete)

Stat Familiar Flowchart by Exactor it (updated April 2010)

Item Drop Familiar Flowchart by Exactor it (updated April 2010)

Tome Summoning Guide by Alexfrog (updated Oct. 2011)

Ascension Tools

KoLDB Database of Ascensions by Oxbarn

KoL Calender of events and player birthdays by Noblesse Oblige

The KoL Racetrack ascension contest tracker by NatNit

Simulator of Loathing by Ayvuir (updated July 2006)

Level 12 Quest Optimizer by TeKRunneR, QuantumNightmare, and Bazzle

Themthar Hills Turn Calculator by Eleron

Item Drop Calculator by Eleron

Powerleveling Calculator by Eleron

Leveling Spreadsheet by QuantumNightmare (updated Feb. 2009)

Stat Gain Calculator by Eleron

Monster Damage Calculator by Eleron

Spell Damage Calculator by RoyalTonberry

Maximising Attributes Calculators by fig_bucket

Itznotyerzitz Mine Helper by Clopedion

Barrel Full of Barrels Helper by Eleron

Wine Cellar Helper by Eleron

Spreadsheet guesstimating mean turns per zone by salticid

Spreadsheet of Olfaction Targets by salticid

Combat Macro Syntax Checker by RoyalTonberry

Louvre Mapper by Gemelli

Violet Fog Mapper by Gemelli

Well-Tempered Epicure - sortable food list originally hosted by the Rye, but now hosted by the Garden of Earthly Delights and Ballad of Fallen Angels

Well-Tempered Mixologist - sortable booze list originally hosted by the Rye, but now hosted by the Garden of Earthly Delights and Ballad of Fallen Angels

Well-Tempered Anvil - sortable smashables list originally hosted by the Rye, but now hosted by the Garden of Earthly Delights and Ballad of Fallen Angels

Ascension Logs

The Hogs of Destiny Public Logs

Alliance from Hell Public Logs

Hardcore Oxygenation Public Logs

Database of Low Skill Logs

Ascension Log Visualizer by Flolle

Ascension Log Parser by VladimirPootin and QuantumNightmare


Dungeon Guides

HoD Hobopolis Guide by WhiskeyJack

IP Hobopolis Guide by YaYaMcG

The Fucking Hamster Guide by Funktastic & JennyUnderpants

The Fucking Stick Guide by Funktastic & JennyUnderpants

HoD Hodgman's Whackin' Stick Guide by Zyrtec

AFH Hodgman's Whackin' Stick Guide by deusnoctum

A tool for calculating turns needed to get a Slimeling by Jef

Other Guides

A Guide for Getting to Level 30 by Residium (updated July 2007)

A Guide to Fenswarthy's Basement by Residium

A Guide to Player Vs. Player by Strangerer

A Guide to the Secret from the Future Quest by Tobias


Best/Cheapest Diet Visualizer by Eleron

Wumpus Hunt Mapper by Gemelli

Arena Familiar Leveling Tool by Vladjimir


The Clan of Meat and Loathing's Web-Based Buffbot by StuBorn

Mystics Web-Based Buffbot by mara jade & peacemaster

List of Non-Web-Based Buffbots on the KoL wiki

Meat/Item Acquisition Guides & Tools

A Guide to Meatfarming by OminousJackal

Universal Farming Spreadsheet by rikitikitavi.

A Guide to the Mall by Janine White

KoL Marketplace shows recent mall history, run by coldfront

MMG Record Analyzer by thetelf

Meat Investment by Bank of KoL

KBay Item Auctionhouse by Turias

What Collectors are Collecting (and how much they pay) by Icon315

Jickenwings Display Case Database by ePeterso2

Spading Sites

KoL Spading Forums run by crovax1234, stupac2, lostcalpolydude, and RoyalTonberry.

RoyalTonberry's Graphs & Spading by RoyalTonberry

Drop Rate Calculator by starwed

Other Fun Sites

KoL Radio

KoL Player Pics

Character Progress Tracker script for KoLmafia by bumcheekcity

Pop Goes the Loathing - A list of pop culture references in KoL by Gemelli and Dotts

BarKoL - A test to see which suit you are, hosted by the Rye

The Strange Leaflet - KoL player blogs by Lord Harvey Wallbanger

The KOL Community - more KoL player blogs

Cartoon Familiars by Klump