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Memories, in the Corners of your Mind

This "zone" is accessed by using an empty agua de vida bottle, and provides access to three zones. Each of these 3 zones contain a quest. By completing all three quests, you will receive a Secret from the Future which contains 1 of 6 class-based items, depending on your class at the time that you open the box.

The Primordial Soup

  • Adventure in The Primordial Soup three times to get past the introduction.
  • Adventure once more and get the first choice adventure. Swim downward and collect your first memory of some delicious amino acidsand use it.
  • Adventure again to get the next choice adventure. This time, Swim upward.
  • You will need to collect enough memories of a(n) [A|G|C|T] to make 3 different base pairs.
  • Gather an additional 11 amino acids.
  • Use 2 more amino acids (3 total).
  • Fight Cyrus the Virus and use one of the base pairs on him.
  • Use 3 amino acids (6 total).
  • Fight Cyrus again, using a second, different base pair.
  • Use 3 more acids (9 total).
  • Fight Cyrus with your third base pair.
  • Use your final 3 acids (12 total).
  • Adventure one more time. Now that Cyrus has evolved, you can move on to the next zone.

The Jungles of Ancient Loathing

Over the course of these adventures, you will need to successfully hunt and kill one Wumpus to obtain a Memory of a Glowing Crystal.

You will also need to obtain & equip a Memory of a Cultist's Robe. If you do not get one by the time you have finished everything in the Forgotten City, then instead of entering the temple and completing the quest you will need to fight more cultists until you get the robe.

Boost your non-combats as much as you comfortably can. You will need to encounter the adventure that allows you to enter the Forgotten City fourteen times. Each of these adventures will begin with clicking Go North to actually begin.

Follow these directions to complete the quest. Each step has the adventure path (i.e. the buttons that you click), the objective of that particular step in italics, and a letter referencing the area of the city you're heading to (see the map below). Also note that all of the items you obtain will have the prefix of "Memory of a..."

  • West, South, Search -- get Grappling Hook -- [ A ]
  • West, North, Climb -- fight Giant Bird -- [ B ]
  • West, North, Climb -- get Half a Stone Circle -- [ B ]
  • Examine Well, Climb Down Well -- fight Octopus -- [ C ]
  • Examine Well, Take Grappling Hook -- get Grappling Hook -- [ C ]
  • East, North, Upstairs -- get Iron Key -- [ D ]
  • East, North, Downstairs, Search Webs -- fight Spider -- [ D ]
  • East, North, Downstairs, Search Webs -- get Small Stone Block -- [ D ]
  • East, South, Upstairs, Search Vines -- fight Snake -- [ E ]
  • East, South, Upstairs, Cut Open Snake -- get Little Stone Block -- [ E ]
  • North, North, Put Stone Block In Hole (x2), Pull Lever, South, South -- this step doesn't cost an adventure --[ F ]
  • East, South, Downstairs, Crawl Into Tunnel, West, South, Open Chest, Smash Chest -- get Stone Half-Circle -- [ E ]
  • East, South, Downstairs, Crawl Into Tunnel, West, North, North, Ponder the Weights -- [ E ]
  • North, North, Kick Gate -- [ F ]
  • North, North, North, Unlock Temple -- [ G ]


If you have not yet gotten the Cultist Robes, then enter the temple and kill cultists until you get them.

Once you have the robes, equip them and enter the temple to fight the High Priest of Ki'rhuss to cruise to victory.

Remember to go to the Wrong Side of the Tracks and click on the upper left square to claim your Pig Iron reward. You are also now ready for the Future quest to unlock all manner of secrets.

Seaside Megalopolis

  • Adventure in Seaside Megalopolis until you receive the Ruby Rod.
  • With the Ruby Rod equipped, adventure in Seaside Megalopolis. Essences will drop each of the elementally aligned monsters in this zone if you attack the monster with the rod the round after it uses its elementally aligned attack, (similar to using the magnet on gremlins during the Junk Yard quest).
The 5 elementally aligned monsters, their elemental attack message and the resulting elemental essence are:
  • "Handyman" Jay Arnold - "He pokes you with a spinning, whirring, vibrating, tubular 'appendage.'..." - essence of kink (sleaze)
  • Space Marine - "Some kind of freaky alien thing pops out of his chest! ..." - essence of fright (spooky)
  • 7-Foot Dwarf Replicant - "He malfunctions and spews his vile-smelling, milky-white replicant blood all over you. Gross!" - essence of stench (stench)
  • liquid metal robot - "A passing hero douses the robot, and you, with liquid nitrogen..." - essence of cold (cold)
  • Bangyomaman Warrior - "He turns a crank on the side of his gun..." - essence of heat (hot)
NOTE: if you are using Mafia's relay browser, the elemental attack messages will be color coded by element.
NOTE: Completing the quest will place a secret from the future into your inventory, but you will not be notified via the usual "You acquire..." message. The contents of the package are based on which class you are when you open it.


The walkthrough for The Jungles of Ancient Loathing was written by User:Tobias. The original guide can be found on The Hogs of Destiny Forums

The rest of the guide is pieced together from several pages on the official wiki.