The Complete Zero-to-Slimeling Slime Tube Guide

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NOTE: This guide is entirely WIP.

So you've never stuck a toe in the Slime Tube, but want to do the whole thing by yourself? You're a nutter. Here's how to do it.


Slime Tube Basics

At its most basic, the Slime Tube functions a bit like the Oil Peak in the level 9 quest. There are 1000 slime monsters in the Slime Tube, and once you kill them all, there's a bossAll monsters have 100 attack, defense and HP basic, but will scale up with increased ML as normal. Increasing your ML will have a number of effects

More Slimes Killed

Every 400 extra ML run in a successful combat will kill an extra monster's worth of slime. So a combat with a slime at+ 800ML will kill three extra slimes, while the same combat at +200ML will kill one slime, plus one every other combat. So running more ML will kill more slimes.

Coated In Slime

However, entering a combat with slime will hit you with a debuff called Coated In Slime, which will hit you for increasing damage at the start of each combat. The fewer turns of it you have, the higher the percentage of you max HP (at 5 or less turns, it passes 100% per turn). There's only two ways of removing it - using the Hot Tub in the Clan VIP lounge, or using chamois that drop from low-level slimes.

Slime Resistance

There is a way of handling Coated In Slime, because it uses a unique type of elemental damage - Slime. Slime damage uses the elemental resistance system used by more conventional elements like Hot and Cold, but slimier.

Slime Hates It

So going back to the ML, I mentioned using 800ML to kill more slimes. You might correctly observe that that is insane - and it is. You'll need even more ML than that to get your slimeling. So how do you get it? By crafting gear with caustic nodules, which drop at harder difficulties from the final boss. Each one gives you a substantial bonus to your ML, which caps out at 1000ML - almost enough for your slimeling! But you'll need to work hard to get your first nodule. So let's start with a disclaimer.

Other People Make It Easier

Now this is a guide designed for soloing the Tube, so if you're dead set on doing it all ronin-style, skip this section. But I urge you not to.

It is so, so easy to get hold of nodules - I haven't checked prices in /trade recently, but I will eat a hat if you can't find one for under 100k. And sometimes you can get them for free by asking friends or clannies! And all you need to do to be eligable for one is fight one slime monster in a Tube - you can even fight a copied one after Mother Slime has been killed and the nodules have dropped! Much less effort than the slog I'm about to describe.

And even if you don't want to buy nodules, then asking for help is good. There's only one non-combat in the Tube - called "Engulfed!" but each player can only use it once, just like the ones in Dreadsylvania. And up to five people can use it per instance to raise the ML by 20ML per person - 100ML overall. In a dungeon where ML is king, this bonus ML more than makes up for the five turns spent to get it. Friends can do it, clannies can do it, even mercenaries hired from /trade for 20k each can do it. It's so very, very useful.

So don't take the whole weight alone - let some other people in.

If you don't want to? Well, let's get to work.

Getting Your First Nodule

So, presuming you're going it totally alone, you'll need one nodule. So you'll need to get an average of over 553ML. Perhaps way over, so let's aim for 600ML. Let's also presume that you're the sort of meat-wealthy nutcase who'd want to solo the Slime Tube, so you've been able to stump up for a few IotMs. Otherwise, this gets tricky.

First off, you'll need a purse rat as your familiar. This gives you +0.5ML per lb, which will be invaluable, as you can use +lbs buffs to add ML. If you level it completely first, that's +10ML right there!

Then powerlevel to 20, make sure you have 200 in all your stats, and add some equipment.

Hat: Boris's Helm (+15ML, plus 2.5ML from lbs)
Shirt: Omitted, you'll see why in a bit. Back: Buddy Bjorn with an El Vibrato Megadrone in it (+10ML)
Pants: Old patched suit-pants (40ML)
Weapon: Dreadlock whip (+10ML). Ideally, you'd want Truthsayer (+12ML) or an ice sickle (+15ML), but let's presume nothing here.
Offhand: Vinyl shield (+25ML)
Accessories: Complete a Hardcore Sauceror run with an astral belt from Valhalla, and you'll have two accessories with +20ML. Then equip a Hand in Glove (+5ML) and skip ahead a bit.
Familiar equipment: Either the purse rat's equipment, or an annoying pitchfork (+5ML)

Total with 20lb purse rat: 157.5ML (using lowest listed values above)

That's not very close, is it? But now there's some basic effects to add in. - Get a blast of Empathy from your buffbot of choice, remember you permed Amphibian Sympathy, cast Leash of Linguini, and use a bunch of Knob Goblin buffing spray. +10ML. - Use a Flaskful of Hollow. This interacts with your Hand in Glove to give +25ML - Cast Ur-Kel's Aria of Annoyance (or get it from a buffbot). You're level 20 like I said earlier? +40ML - Set the Mind Control Device of choice to +10ML.

Total with 20lb purse rat and basic effects: 242.5ML

Still not very close, but I did warn you this was the hard way. You now need to make up another 357.5ML. The "Maximizing Monster Level" page of the wiki is your friend. So are these:
- Buy slimy fermented bile glands and slimy sweetbreads from the mall. Each is a 1 full/drunk food/booze that gives 20 turns of +25ML, and some Slime Resistance.
- Eat/drink the Smithsness food that gives you 100 turns of +5 Smithsness each. That's +10ML between them.
- Let some people in to squeeze in the Enguled! choice for a total +100ML. This technically raises the total ML you'll need to get, but that's well covered in the padding I allowed at 600ML, and technically means you only need 500ML on your own. It does mean getting people in to do it, but come on now, it's +100ML.
- Grab every +ML and +lbs buff you can find. It'll get expensive, and might require days, turns spent, and careful planning.

Got your 600ML? Good, now it's time to get into a fight with some slime. Now here's what you'll need:
- Your equipment, buffs, and squeezes to get you to 600ML
- Any equipment that gives -ML you have (rat mask, Space Trip headphones, etc)
- A purse rat familiar
- An O.A.F. familiar

Why the second and fourth entries on that list? Because the number of turns of Coated In Slime you get depends on how high your ML is when you start fighting slimes, so you want to have the lowest possible ML you can get while fighting your first slime. And the O.A.F. has a handy habit of zeroing out ALL +ML when you take it into combat, but not -ML, making it optimal for this one thing. So here's what you do to get slimed up proper:
- Put on your -ML gear, and take out your O.A.F.
- Enter combat with a slime, and get 10-11 turns of Coated In Slime
- Kill the slime (should be trivial with a single attack)
- You'll have acquired a chamois in the bucket by the Tube. DO NOT USE THIS YET.
- Put on your +ML equipment, take out your purse rat, and replace any buffs the O.A.F. has scrubbed. Whoops.

You're now ready to start kicking slimes... no you're not. Coated In Slime hits you with Slime damage that scales to your HP at the start of every combat, and it'll start piling up VERY quickly. If you've paid attention, you have the slime food and drink effects for +2 slime resistance, but that's not enough. Go to the mall, and buy a chamoisole. This is a shirt that provides +3 slime resistance, and is very important for survival. +5 slime resistance will allow you to fight until there's only 4 turns of Coated In Slime left, so until then, fight slimes with your +ML and TOTALLY HEAL EVERY FIGHT. When you're done, go to the bucket, use the chamois to removed your Coated In Slime, and get Coated In Slime as described above again.

After a while of doing this, you'll find Mother Slime, and unless you want to hire in a bosskiller you'd better learn to kill her.

Meet Mother Slime

So Mother Slime is a boss, and that means you have to be prepared for some challenges:
- Her Attack and Defense are 11,000, minus the number of turns spent in the Tube multiplied by 10. So the faster you go, the harder she hits and the harder she is to hit. For a single-nodule run, she should be at 6800 ATK and DEF.
- She's immune to stunning, but not staggering.
- You can't use combat items on her - only attacks and skills. No love songs for you, which makes it tricky because...
- While she only has ~3000 HP, she gains immunity to an element if you do 500+ damage in it to her in a combat. This includes physical damage. So you need to spread your damage across all six elements.

There's two strategies you can employ here. You can stack up the elemental damage, and hit her with attacks. Or you can use the six 120MP Hobopolis spells to blast her to pieces. Both of these have their advantages and disadvantages, but most people prefer the spells route.

Start off by scrubbing EVERY +ML buff away - if she gets ANY extra HP, she becomes impossible. Any -ML you can run, by contrast, will help immensely. Gear up for your chosen strategy, add some stat-boosting buffs, and get smashing. If you can kill her without triggering any of the aforementioned elemental resistances, you'll get a better clan trophy for killing her, but that's not the goal of this guide (using the spellcasting route and precisely tuning your spell damage is what you're after, though).

If you've come in under turncount, then Mother Slime will drop a tasty batch of loot. For now, you're only concerned with the caustic slime nodule, although the rest of it will be tasty, as mentioned earlier and described later.

Building Your Slime Hates It Outfit

So now you have a caustic slime nodule, and you want to turn it into massive boosts to +ML? It's easy, but not straightforward.

Let's start by turning your first nodule into a villanous scythe - a two-handed weapon that gives you two levels of Slime Hates it (giving you +120ML for your nodule instead of +45). First, grab a rusty grave robbing shovel from the mall - they're 160 meat, you can afford one. All Slime Hates It gear starts as a rusty item, which needs to be transformed into a slime-covered item, before being smithed into a Slime Hates It item. So how do we cover the rusty item in slime? How do you think?

If you used the Engulfed! adventure, you will have seen two options: squeeze the gall bladder, which you used for +ML, and tickle the uvula, which you didn't use. Tickling the uvula gives the current Tube instance one charge of a slime snorting up the rusty item. If you defeat the slime who snorted your item, you'll get a slime-covered version of that item.

So, open a new instance of the Slime Tube, tatter your way to the Engulfed! choice, and tickle the uvula. Do note that this will prevent you from squeezing the gall bladder in that instance, but that will be less of an issue shortly. Then enter combat with your rusty grave robbing shovel equipped. It should then be snorted up by the slime. Kill the slime, and you'll get a slime-covered shovel. Smith that with your caustic nodule, and you'll get your villanous scythe. +120ML? That's an improvement over the +35ML you had in your hands before!

What now? Do it again! Complete more Slime Tubes, get more nodules, slime more rusty equipment and make more Slime Hates It equipment. Each piece you get will reduce the ML you'll need from potions, which will make prep easier. Eventually, you'll be able to start running +700ML, and getting two nodules per run - obviously this is WAY more efficient, so do this as soon as you can.

Getting the rusty equipment will take a bit of work - you'll need to complete the junkyard portion of the level 12 quest as a frat boy twice, get some equipment from the Sea, and run from a combat in the Sea in antique greaves to get all the pieces you'll need. I'd suggest getting the Slime Hates It equipment in this order:
- Villainous scythe (as described)
- Corrosive cowl and corroded breeches (hat and pants to complete the Grimy Reaper outfit for +100 spooky damage)
- Malevolent medallion (you can only make one of these, but they are REALLY useful outside of the Tube)
- Two baneful bandoliers
- (optional) A grisly shield and the club, crossbow and/or chefstaff, to better suit your playstyle. The chefstaff isn't smithed like the other Slime Hates It items, it's crafted with Rodoric like other chefstaves.
- Bitter pills. These are potions that gives 100 turns of an extra source of Slime Hates It. You'll need some to max out the ML you get from Slime Hates It. They're not that expensive in the mall, but if you have leftover nodules, it doesn't hurt to make some.

At this point, you'll be ready to start hunting Slimelings.

Slimeling Time

By this point, your equipment should be completely filled with Slime Hates It gear, giving +1000ML with bitter pills active. This means that you'll need at LEAST 350 more ML to be Slimeling ready. If you managed to buff up for the first nodule, you'll be able to buff up for the Slimeling. Once you've hit 1350ML, you're ready to begin.

For the most part, the actual run is identical to previous runs. However, there's no turns spare for uvulas, lost combats, or killing low level slimes - you need 230 turns or less, this is the end game, stop messing around. You'll need to buy a big bundle of chamoix from the mall, put that into the bucket by using it, and tatter away from the low level slimes giving you Coated In Slime. That aside, just keep killing the slimes like you've already been doing.

Mother Slime is rather challenging at this point - at least 8700 ATK and DEF. You ought to be level 30 by this point, and well buffed, but really the right is only harder than your first Mother Slime because of bigger numbers. Just hit her a few times, and then voila, your Slimeling.

Other Slime Tube Stuff

Of course, there's more to the Tube than just getting the Slimeling. Here's the rest of it.

Slimy Cysts

Occasionly, Slime monsters will drop cysts of various sizes. The higher the ML you're running, the larger the cyst will be. Tiny and small cysts will give you marbles, medium and large will give you toys that you can either equip for handy equipment bonuses, or use as combat items for massive damage.

There are eleven different marbles, which are all off-hand items that boost spell damage. You can also bash together two marbles of the same tier to make better marbles. Better marbles give better boosts, up to the big bumboozer marble which provices +80 generic spell damage. They're not THAT useful as equipment, but you'll want a full set to get a specific trophy, and you'll need a big bumboozer marble to create the Staff of the Scummy Sink.

Mother Slime's Other Drops

As well as any speed drops, Mother Slime always drops a slime gland, and a piece of the Slimesuit outfit. The Slimesuit is reasonably good, giving a total of +12 resistance to all elements, which you may find useful in Fernswathy's Basement.

The glands are more useful - there are three different glands, each giving a skill that boosts max HP, max MP, and initiative. Almost uniquely, the skills are modular - you'll need to use 10 of each gland to get the max-powered version of each skill. Fortunately, the number used persists over ascension, so you don't lose out that way.